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Interview with Balan Chetan (Another Hero From Kammatipaadam )

There are two other super stars who are also receiving applause along with Dulqar Salman in the movie, Kammattipadam. It has been decided by now that the character Ganga played by Vinayakan will be his greatest achievement in the actor’s career. Kammattipadam is the first film of Manikandan who has played the role of Balan chetan who comes saying, “this is me, Balan”. Manikandan talked about how he got into film and his good moments in cinema shooting to in an interviews for a major media. He shared his experiences with the actor Dulqar Salman.
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1.Were you nervous?

Manikandan: no, I played the role of the elder brother of Dulqar and Manikandan who is senior to me. I had to address them casually in the movie and felt no fear or complex. I had a feeling that I was Balanchetan in real. How well my experience in drama helped me!

After the shoot we behaved with respect. I experienced the comfort of doing a drama. Usually you won’t get that feel while doing a film.

2.How was Dulqar?

Manikandan: Dulqar met me by addressing me as Balencheta. He shares jokes while we travel and also asks about my personal life.

3.An unforgettable experience?

Manikandan: Dulqar Sir has made me his friend in Facebook now, something which I cannot ever forget. Because of the good words that Dulqar had said about me in the Facebook page, people has started noticing me now. Till then they has thought that mine was some villain role. Even I had not exposed about it to anyone. After Dulqar sir has mentioned it, now everyone knows about it.


Manikandan: I had a brotherly relationship with Vinayakan. Now we have a relationship beyong the movie and I feel they are normal people and not stars.

5.Is your teeth original?

Manikandan: Dulqar had thought that this is my original teeth but he discovered that it was not original when he met me at the pack-up party. It is a funny memory.


Thank You Manikandan for the Interview.
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