Which Tamil Actor has most number of fans in South India ?

Which Tamil actor in south India has the most number of fans?

Which star has maximum number of fans after the actors Rajnikanth and Kama Hasan in India? It has never been possible to find the right answer. However, to know more about it, go through the following article



This superstar of Tamil film industry is known by the name “Thala” (meaning “The Head”).He was working as a mechanic even without completing his 10th grade education. He kept his first foot in Tamil industry without any film background, recommendation or support. From there within a few span of time, he grew into a star with a lot of fans following. His acting excellence ranges from romantic characters to characters that exhibited excellent talent in acting and has now reached to characters of the underworld. Ajith is truly the one actor with maximum number of fans in Tamil who has created immense number of hits. If we take the count of the number of fan clubs that he had dismissed in the beginning of his career, even stars like Surya and Vijay does not have that much of fan clubs for themselves.


But it is also true that in the recent days; his movies do not get that much of an attention as before. It might be because of his similar choice of movies and working with same directors again and again. Apart from movies, he is also a regular presence at car racing championships and has also undergone a number of surgeries because of accidents. Apart from Tamil Industry, Ajith also has a huge number of fans in Karnataka. All Ajith films have run without creating much loss to its distributors in Karnataka. He also has fans in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Even though he doesn’t have as much fans as Vijay and Surya in Kerala, more than 50 theatres in Kerala release his films. Although the success of “Mankaatha” in Kerala shows his fans support, he has mostly silent fans support in the state.


This star who has grabbed a lot of Film Fare Awards has proved that he is no lesser than others. His latest film released was “Vethalam” which received a mixed response harvested economical gain. Ajith has 2 films that have hit 100 crores in the club.



Vijay is an actor who has found his way into the hearts of people by his name “Ilaya Thalapathi”. He was born in Tamil Nadu as the son of the Director and Producer Chandrashekhar. His mother Shobha is also a writer in films. So it could be said that he was born in a family with filmic background. He began his acting career by beginning as junior artist and a child artist as well. Later he made his way to heroic positions. Although he made his way as a romantic hero in the beginning, later he became a mass hero. Vijay is known as the follower of Rajnikanth in his style and mass. His father S A Chandrasekhar brought him to heroic front through his film, “Naalaya Theerpu”. Although this movie was a failure in the Box Office, his mother Shobha who is a producer and script writer wrote 3 more films that brought him to the forefront.


Although his early movies were flops, once he started making hit movies, he never had to turn back. In between when he faced crisis, he acted in remakes of Malayalam and Telugu film and kept his fanship safe. Although he had tried hard, once he became a superstar in Tamil, many a super-hit directors had waited for his dates. In TamilNadu, after Ajith, Vijay has the maximum number of fans and release centers. In Kerala also Vijay enjoys huge fanship. He is one actor who has been well received by the Malayalee audience after Kamalhasan. Until Surya made his entry, in Kerala, Tamil film meant Vijay. Now in almost 200 release centers, his films are running. Vijay also has numerous Box Office hits in Kannada Film Industry. Only in Andhra and Telengana he was not much successful in having huge number of fans. Many hit films of his career were the remakes of Telugu films that is the reason for that. Although he is a little behind in his Awards collection because of the limitations of his acting, he is still the best known for his dance and fans in South Indian Film Industry. Vijay has 3 films(Thuppakki, Kaththi,Theri) that hit the club for 100 crores. His latest released Theri was a hit at the box office and made a total collection of 150 crore with in 25 days worldwide.

3. Suriya:


Although he is known as “nadippin nayakan”, “singham” and various other names, his favorite is the name Surya given to him by director Mani Ratnam instead of ‘Sharavanan’. That is the reason why he does not like any other titles with his name in films. Just like Vijay, he is also from a family with film background. His father Shivkumar is a well known actor in Tamil. While Surya was working as an Accountant after his education in a textile firm, it was director Mani Ratnam who invited him to act in films, but since he said he didn’t have the confidence to act in films at that time, rejected the offer. Later when he wished to act, he came to film industry for the first time through Mani Ratnam’s film “Nerku Ner”. He acted with actor Vijay who was his college friend as well as the superstar of Tamil films at that time. But the films he began with were not successful and he faced a lot of criticism for poor acting. The actor did not go for any remake movies to hang on, instead took up experimental films which brought his acting graph up.
The experimental film “Kaaka Kaaka” became a hit in which he cleared his acting mistakes and earned the name of being a good actor. He began choosing different characters and although most of them required acting excellence, they all became hits like his commercial movies. Within a short time span it fame as a great actor and superstar reached his doorsteps. With the success of his film “Gajani”, he established his name in the Tamil film industry. He gained a lot of fans with this single movie. After Vijay’s films in Kerala, Surya’s Kaaka Kaaka and Gajani was the most well received of his films. If we look at his career graph, we can understand that with very little number of films itself, Surya became a hero in big budget movies. In Tamil Film Industry along with Ajith and Vijay, even Surya has releasing centres. In Telugu (Andhra/ Telengana) film industry as well he has a lot of fans. The reason for this is that it being the second biggest industry in India had released a lot of dubbed films of Surya in its early days itself. Today after Rajnikanth and Kamalhasan, Surya is the only Tamil actor who has Telugu editions of his films. Hence his films are released in more than 600 theatres here. He is also the only one whose films completed 100 days in three states at the same time.
Even then in the recent days he is only doing films that entertain his audience. This might lead to a downfall in the actor’s career graph since people expect him to be doing different roles every time. Although he receives less than actors like Ajith and Vijay, in Telugu industry he receives quite a huge amount. Surya has 2 films that have received 100 crores in his possession. His recent films Anjaan and Massu were not quite a huge hit in the Box Office. But his last film 24The movie- is a Huge hit at the box office and also entered into 100 crore club with in 10 days as per the report of officials.

Besides all these, there is no other to replace these 3 stars in their excellence in social service and behavior . After reading this, now it is your turn to decide who has the most number of fans in South India.

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