Review of Maruthu – Tamil Movie

Review of Maruthu

Maruthu is a Tamil film where Vishal is going to play a voilent and furious traditionalm character. The script and direction of Maruthu is also by Muthhayya, the director of ‘Kuttipuli’ and ‘ Komban’. Vishal’s heroine in Maruthu is Sreedivya.

Maruthu is a movie that narrates the story of a very remote and rural place…

Although the story is a heard one, it stands outfor its excellence in presentation. People who enjoys Tamil action movies will surely like it. What is more notable is the presence of the Malayalam actress, Kulapulli Leela who shone well in the movie with the hero from beginning till the end.

Like how we said a normal story that we have heard before, this one also has a traditional Cooley worker with good character and six pack and an attractive heroine that reacts violently against injustice, but till she meets the hero and a villain who wants to establish himself by destroying all the obsatcles. Also the hero has a fan, an old lady who lives next to Maruthu village and one who blackmails the villain by trespassing into his home. The filM has everything in the right proportion- dance, action, songs, slapstick comedies etc.

Kulapulli Leela’s role as Manorama, the old lady stands out in the movie and also Suresh’s Rolex Pandi is notable. Its a relief that Suri has not overdid it. It is a usual Vishal thriller where the hero despite of killing hundreds still roam around freely. This movie is one which you can just watch for entertainment, nothing much!

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