Rajini’s reaction after watching Electrifying Kabali teaser

Just a day has passed since we witnessed the electrifying teaser of Rajini starrer Kabali and unanimous positive response is being recorded by fans all over the world. Behindwoods wanted to know the Superstar Rajinikanth’s first reaction to this teaser and to check that out, we contacted director Ranjith.

“Rajini sir liked the teaser when we showed it to him. He did not suggest any corrections as usual. I am very happy that even the audience are liking the teaser”

We also spoke to Praveen, the man with the digital scissors who is the mastermind behind those neat cuts that one spot in Kabali teaser.

“Everybody who watched the teaser in our circle wanted to revisit the content at least 3-4 times. I heard that it is the same with the audience too, and this makes me very happy”

Team Kabali is indeed in “Magizhchi” mode!