Actor Indrans to play the role of a tired physician of Infanticides; “Paathi” getting ready for release

Indrans is now traveling in a new direction away from his usual comic one. We will understand this point if we will analyze his late movies. The character Dasappi in “Leela” and Joseph in “Apothecary” are fine examples for this.
The make over of Indrans for his new movie suggests that he will be doing the character “kammaaran” next. Kammaran is a character that lives as a partly conscious and partly half conscious person. This film directed by Chandran Nareekod and produced by Gopakumar Kunjiveetil under the banner of Interacter Film Academy is about infanticide presented in the backdrop of Theyyam art form. Indrans will be appearing in the film as someone who looks hideous by birth.