Must Watchable 5 Malayalam political movies

Must watchable 5 Political Malayalam movies

There are various Malayalam films that have made the political situation of Kerala as its background. Commissioner, The King, Ekalavyan, Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans, Janadhipathyam, Vellimoonga etc. Have politics as their theme. While films like Sandesham, Panchavadipaalam etc. Are films that portray the real political situations of Kerala. Such films remain as the best political films forever in Malayalam. The recent political movie in Malayalam is Sanal Kumar Sasidaran’s movie “Ozhivudivasathe Kali”. This film that obtained the State Award for the best film discusses contemporary political issues of Kerala. The following are the five best ever political films in Malayalam:

1. Panchavadipaalam (1984)


Set in the background of Kerala’s political situation, Panchavadipaalam is certainly the first one that comes to our mind in case of Kerala’s best political movies. This is also a satirical film. Although the movie talks about the political background of a Panchayat, it clearly reflects the political ways of Kerala to its audience.

2. Sandesham (1991)


If you ask someone which is the best political satirical film in Malayalam, one would definitely answer- Sandesham. This film is a message to the youth which is ignorant of politics.

3. Lal Salam (1990)


This film shows the life of 3 communists. This film speaks about the formation of communist party, its struggles and spirit. This film is inspired by the lives of K R Gauriamma and T V Thomas.

4. Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu (1991)


Mammootty comes as the chief character Sukumaran in the movie. Sukumaran is the chief Minister ruling Kerala. His wife is staying away from him on her interests. This affects the official life of Sukumaran. The film mainly talks about indulging in family politics.

5. Thalasthanam (1992)


Thalasthanam starts with campus politics. Not just a political movie but also a thriller. Fr this film directed by Shaji Kailas, the script is by Ranji Panicker.