Lissy bursts out; not getting back with Priyadarshan anymore

Lissy bursts out; not getting back with Priyadarshan anymore.

Rumors had that since morning the separated couple had decided to get back together even after filing for a divorce. But now Lissy has come up with a Facebook post denying that the news is false and that she is not planning to get back with Priyadrashan again. She says that there had been continuous yellow media journalism regarding their union but she states that all the news are wrong and she does not want to get back with Priyadarshan and prefers to be let alone. She also complained that such misleading news and social media articles have been spoiling her reputation in the industry. She asks if journalism is about publishing untrue stories thus harassing a woman and mother like her, if then, she pities that journalism is such a shameless job. She also requested the media to kindly stop intruding into private lives of people in her Facebook post.