Life of Madhavikutty ready to shoot; Kamal preparing with Vidya balan

Amazed life of Madhavi Kutty coming to Malayalam big screen, director Kamal starts his pre-production works with south Indian beauty queen ‘Vidya Balan’. Now at times, her books are the evergreen writing style of Malayalam literature like ‘neermadhalam poothakaalam’ Summer in Calcutta, my story. Her life was an endless book that teaches different roles of life like as a mother, like as a wife, as women, lover, writer etc… She was a mysteries thinker and well popular writer both Malayalam and English language.
At present, she was living in hearts of Indian people with lots of names, Madhavi Kutty, Kamala das, Kamala Surayya, based on her challenging and enjoyed life. Madhavi Kutty lovers are thrilled when they got the news of this film announcement. As women, her magical letters are evergreen logic thoughts of Indian society. Her life was very difficult to understand and I have little fear about the project because if I can’t do it well that will be a great pain, Kamal said.
Kamala Surayya, the Indian English poet and litterateur and the same time leading Malayalam author in Kerala. She got lots awards for her magical writing, Ezhuthachchan Puraskaram,Vayalar Award, Sahitya Akademi Award, Asan World Prize, Asian Poetry Prize, Kent Award is the notable awards of Madhavi Kutty. She was born on March 31-1934 and died in 2009 at Pune
When the story of Kamala das coming to the cinema there has a confusion of who will act as the great lady, but here kamal had no doubt about it. He selected Vidya Balan and she will be the right person to act this. And kamal was the director of vidya Balan’s fist movie ‘chakram’. Prithviraj and murali gopi also being a part this great project