Lack of protection from Piracy will Negatively affected to Theri

When Tamil filmmakers are scuffling hard to find a proper release window for their films, piracy on the other hand is taking a huge toll on the trade prospects of all the new releases. Big films in particular need a solid one week run for it to be profitable or at least to break-even.

Vijay’s Theri which released recently has been doing quite a good business at the worldwide box office, but the fact is that piracy has made a small but significant dent in the overall business of Theri right from Day 1. Even before the screening of Theri’s first show in India, a lot of scenes from the film were leaked online.

Now here is another instance where the pirated version of Theri had been played in a Taxi in Chennai recently. A popular cab franchise playing a pirated copy of a new release comes in with a shock. Similarly, few private buses also screened pirated DVDs of Theri.