Do You Know Suriya’s 24 Movie Has A Sequel? Reasons for making the Sequel is Listed Below.

Decoding ‪#‎24TheMovie‬ (Contains Spoilers) What if i say that Athreya is not dead!! And the movie might have a sequel!!
Before starting to make fun of this post. Read it carefully and start visualising the things that u might have missed while watching the movie.

1. When Sethuraman replaces him with Athreya during that bullet freeze shot you can literally see Athreya being improperly placed on the ground. The bullet is only pointed sideways. Logical reason Sethu is in a state of shock n freeze time is running out so he doesn’t have to do things systematically.
2. Then Sethu starts to run where the flash cuts(recap) are made. In that only a bullet sound is showcased in the visual marking his death. This leads to hiding a scenario to know whether the bullet struck his head or not.
3. When Athreya is shown dead(side angle only used) u can clearly see only blood spattered over his forehead not any mark of bullet wound actually! So it states that the bullet only passed through the sideways of his head not into his head. So, He might be unconscious not dead.
4. And moreover the gatekeeper who was supposed to be dead is now alive in the time travel visit. And even this dialog was kept(unna intha thadava uyiroda vittathu nallatha pochu). While Athreya was lying on the ground. He comes close calling ‘Athreya Sir’. So he is the one who is going to take Athreya to the hospital in the sequel.
5. At the end when Priya asks Sethu to throw away that watch which is the cause of all trouble. He just like tat throws it away. The watch gets near to a pool of water. The directors brilliance appears here. He uses the water to show the reflection of that the eagle passing over it.
6. Above all, The eagle was just helping Athreya right from the beginning. Sethu couldn’t make the proper solution all those time. The eagle helps him get it done! Reason Athreya is arriving there. The eagle helps Athreya to wake up from Coma.
7. And at the climax the eagle didn’t help Sethu. It was just flying towards Athreya who was searching for Sethu. You can hear eagle sound over that scene. Athreya first stops n turns his head towards that direction cos of that eagles signal not because of the gatekeeper. You can clearly see Athreya in a confused state because the gatekeepers voice is not audible all those time. After a few seconds he looks down and then only realises why the gatekeeper is waving hand towards him.
8. Or maybe everything is that Eagles ‘Thiruvizhaiyadal’
[P:S: The entire credit goes to the brilliance of Director Vikram. K. Kumar ]