Siddique and Lal’s – known for their entertainers – King Liar is a movie that piles on one situation after another, just for laughs. Yes, they are all implausibly connected to form a bigger story with a romantic interlude and a message. The result is a long movie that is thankfully, not very boring. Minted solely for Dileep and his fans, it’s inundated with make-believe situations, silly faces, naive characters and cartoonish sequences.

Dileep persuasively plays ‘King Liar’ and invests a lot of energy into his character. Perfectly complimented by Balu Varghese, laughter comes easy in many situations. Lal looks dapper in his fashion guru avatar and Asha Sarath pulls off a decent performance as a business woman. However, the team has failed to utilize Madonna Sebastian .

The screenplay is like an unimaginative comedy of errors, Dileep almost becomes a clown who does anything for a laugh. For example, the scene in which he discovers Anjali’s family background, he breaks into a tasteless dance. One almost wonders whether the team just planted a camera and stood still to watch Dileep go bananas.

Overuse of Manichithrathazhu dialogues is common in comedy films and King Liar is no exception. The first romantic song of the film is not lip-synched properly, especially by the female protagonist.

King Liar is not for those who can’t stand fallacious reasoning, it is a treat for Dileep fans who love no-brainer comedies.