Introducing World Of Success of ” Aniyan Midhun”

Aniyan Midhun is a multi-talented martial artist & also the National player of Indian association of kickboxing from Kerala.

He is one the Main personal trainer Of the Film actors and Actresses His Some of the clients Are Amith Chakalakkal Roshan Basheer , Sajin TP, Shafna Nizam and Drishya VR etc in south Indian Film Industry and lots of national level wushu & kickboxing players from Kerala, Punjab, haryana etc and also and he is a Professional Fighter of Bhuddha Tigers (WUSHU)..He also Had Good Deal with Him Too..!!

He born on 18th June 1992 surprised us with his Unique talents and versatility. He is a kickboxing national player from Kerala. His career to the reign of success was started from 6th standard where he started learning kick boxing, and he pulled out many obstacles to keep in the light for to achieve his goal and to fulfill his passion towards the martial arts.
He also proved his typical skill in Kalari from young age itself. He holds a degree of BSc Multimedia, but still he is always set to chase his dreams and passion with good attacking skill. So he rooted up himself from multimedia field to the kick boxing. Aniyan Midhun is also a holder of Black belt from Indian association of kickboxing organization.
In 2013-2014, Aniyan Started his Wushu Career. At the same year he received a gold medal in Wushu and entered into the title District Wushu Gold Medalist.
On 2014-2015, he upgraded his skill to a different a dimensions. He competed in the Amateur Boxing held at Thrissur and aniyan backed up with a Bronze Medal.
2015-2016 his grasp powers and his skill of kick boxing moved into a different dimension by being a State Wushu Player for Kerala.
He grasped his fighting model form the most familiar “Muay Thai Boran Institute at Bulacan”. Aniyan finally reached his dreams by becoming the National Champion of Indian Association of Kick Boxing 2015 at Pune Maharashtra. Aniyan is also a hardcore Pro fighter in KAKO (Keranandu Association of Kick Boxing Organizations).
Outside the ring, Aniyan Midhun has proved to the world that he is a simple humanitarian; he also participated in many cultural activities and also extended the hand towards the poor and orphans. Always special in doing charity works all over Kerala made him one of the most valuable humanitarian by all means, the Aniyan Midhun trained himself as the best powerful fighter in the block.
This simple man changes his complexions and humanitarianly concerns when he enters the ring, he kicks up in the ring to his opponent. That was viewed by the audience with even grace and also supports Aniyan with variety of chants. When the bell rang Aniyan starts dancing with legs to takes his opponent down by all means. Aniyan is a lovable humanitarian outside the ring but inside the ring he is a real animal.
This is not end to Aniyan Midhun. His journey to the top still continues.