Fan movie 1st Weekend Collections

Shahrukh Khan starrer Fan has seen a good opening weekend. The film has collected 52.35 crore* in its first three days and though the growth from Friday to Sunday hasn’t been phenomenal, the collections are still fine. Of course, a Shahrukh Khan film is expected to do much better than ‘just stay’ in theaters, which means it would be quite crucial for it to do well during the weekdays.

Day 1 – ₹ 19.20 Cr
Day 2 – ₹ 15.40 Cr
Day 3 – ₹ 17.75 Cr
Total – ₹ 52.35 Cr

Before the release of the Maneesh Sharma directed film, there were quite a few speculations around how far it would eventually go. Numbers like 175-200-225 crore were thrown around, but that was never a practical scenario as Fan is not the kind of Blockbuster material that enables a film to hit a double century. However, with a superstar at the helm of affairs, there is a bare minimum expectation at the least, especially when a film has taken good time to hit the screens.

The film has done well to enjoy the record for the highest opening weekend of the year, hence surpassing Airlift [44.3 crore] and The Jungle Book [40.47 crore]. However, this isn’t saying much since these are the only three films that have seen a universal opening of sorts all over. It is also a given that Fan would set the record for biggest first week too, hence going past Airlift [83.5 crore]. The real fun though is its progress towards the lifetime collections. Now that’s one countdown which is set to be super-interesting.

Meanwhile, The Jungle Book is doing great guns and has now crossed the 100 crore mark at the Box Office. The film currently stands at 101.82 crore and is set to be the highest Hollywood grosser in India while going past Fast and the Furious 7 [108 crore]. Blockbuster!

Note: All collections as per production and distributor sources