Fake news being spread against the actor Suriya: spreaded by Kerala’s third rate media.

Some days before it is news that Surya has freed a girl from a gang. But from today onwards it is news that the family’s car hit the bike parked on the roadside and they got into a fight. Someone has uploaded a video in that name. But just think for a while if Surya is a cheap enough actor to simply hurt someone on the roadside.

He could have driven off without stopping if he wanted to. Do you suggest that we should ignore it when a family is having a quarrel with two young men at night? Considering Surya’s attitude at that moment, he would have definitely given the guys nicely for such cheap jobs. Surya has done only what any person with social responsibility would have done at that hour. If it would have been the same in Kerala, women like Jisha would be alive today. Once when actor Jayasurya had talked about the condition of Kerala’s roads, media mocked him by saying that he had said it for publicity. When stars come up with such social responsibility and react against injustice, if the same reaction applies to them that which Surya received, then there will be no one left to react against such crimes and injustice. Since anyone can upload videos in YouTube, does it make anyone who uploads videos as evidences to be correct or are they just acting like it? But what is more intolerant is the nature of this shameless yellow online journalism that is out there to defile the names of celebrities like Surya. When the reality comes out, these yellow media is even shameless even to take credit by marketing the originality of the news. They take advantage of such news by targeting fan fights. It is better that they remember one thing, even the women of their households can come across such situations. If someone like this star would not turn up in such situations then they will have to suffer the same fate as that of Jisha. South Indian Films express their regret on the attitude of online media for publishing such news that disrespect the duties of media. We will be there with our audience 24X7 with true and original news.