Anushka become the highest paid Actress in South India

Today Anushka shines as the most successful star in South Indian film industry. Movies like Bahubali and Rudrama Devi have increased her star value. Now directors and producers have come to believe that she can create solo hits starting from title roles,this is one of the reason for increasing her star value . Reports have it that Anushka has received the highest payment that any actress can get in South Indian film industry for her new movie Bhagamathi.

Anushka has signed the contract of her new movie for two and a half crore. She will enter the work of the movie Bhagamathi only after the shooting of Bahubali 2. Bhagamathi is not a film that tells the story of olden times. It is a thriller movie set in the background of a city. Reports say that the actress Tabu will star as Anushka’s mother in the movie. Jayaram will also enact in the movie in an important role.